H.M.G. – Recent History Oct 2018

NFb 2x back

This is the new chapter for High Mountain Groove, the band you initially knew and loved as High As Mountains! When the band changed over the winter of 2018 it was decided the name should evolve too, but to what?

Back in the day we realized Tongue and Groove would make a great name and it’s true. Very little research showed no one was using the name, amazingly, so we took it on.

While researching website names we found ‘tongueandgroovemusic. com’ was taken. Oh oh! I thought, better see what’s there. Not us. This led to a little better research that shows there are a bunch of Tongue and Groove bands, my problem was that none of the bands are as popular as the building material so they didn’t show up in my initial search.

After much sweat and thought with other possibles including Groovalicious, Grooveaholic, Gruvulous, Shatter Mountain, and others Todd’s idea of combining the previous names won out. High Mountain Groove was born!

DanMorg 1 x

email: howlin.dan@gmail.com

YouTube Video: Live Recording of Make Room For the Blues




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